Top 10 Motorcycle Covers for Extreme Heat

At Cal Car Cover, we frequently receive questions about which cover owners should use to protect their vehicles. A common query is: what is the best outdoor motorcycle cover? In particular, many people want to know how to store their bikes in the heat. The following list should help you to decide.

6 Reasons You Should Cover Your RV

Although some RV owners feel it's better to keep their rig uncovered when it's not in use, others know from experience that when you shield it from the elements with a cover specifically designed for RVs and their unique needs, you're miles ahead in the long run. Otherwise, you're not adequately protecting it, especially if you don't have a carport or garage in which to keep it. There are numerous reasons for this belief.

2021 Car & Truck Seat Cover Buying Guide

Seat covers for your vehicle serve many important purposes. A rugged seat cover will preserve your interior and prevent seats from being damaged. Seat covers can also boost the aesthetic appeal of the inside of your car or truck.