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Benefits of Low Profile Jacks

Benefits of Low Profile Jacks

Low Profile vs Regular Jacks

As a proud owner of a classic car, you know that often standard or default accessories just won’t cut it. You need the right parts and products to keep your vintage auto in its best shape, and that means accessories that are designed to meet the specific needs and characteristics of your ride. California Car Cover is your go-to for all things necessary to bring out the best in your classic vehicle. We recognize that some of the auto tools of today aren’t suitable for classic vehicles. A vehicle jack is just one of these items. From low riders to classic cruisers, regular jacks often aren’t designed for use with cars that have low clearance to the road. The last thing you want to do is damage your vehicle or injure yourself using a standard jack that cannot hoist your automobile. You’re sure to love the functionality and safety of a low profile scissor jack for your classic ride.

How to properly Use Low Profile Jack

You’ll be glad to know that using a low profile jack properly is very similar to using a regular jack. The key is in finding the right place to use it on your vintage vehicle. After you’ve found the right place to use the low profile jack on your vehicle, you use a standard 7/16-inch socket to adjust the jack to lift your vehicle. These jacks work with manual sockets or electric versions, providing versatility and convenience that you can use. Lift your car carefully to the maximum indicated height to quickly replace a tire, or brake pad or observe the undercarriage for other repair and maintenance issues. Boost your work with premium low profile jack accessories to better protect your vehicle as you tend to its needs. California Car Cover supports you with a live chat to help answer any questions you might have.

Benefits of aluminum jacks

One of the major advantages of aluminum jacks is that they offer the same lifting capacity and functionality that’s more lightweight. These jacks are easier to carry around and store, whether you prefer to keep them in a garage or workshop or in the vehicle itself. Another advantage offered by aluminum jacks is that they are not prone to rust as steel varieties. If you find yourself needing to lift your ride in wet or humid conditions, you’re covered with an aluminum jack. At California Car Cover, we recognize that our customers are different and have different needs. We bring you the accessories that you need at prices that you love.


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