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Best Pre Wash Car Tools

Best Pre Wash Car Tools

You love your car or truck and want to keep it looking as bright, beautiful and clean as possible. While you can take your vehicle to a carwash, there is nothing like doing the job by hand. Making sure that you have the right car cleaning products can help you to ensure that your end result is as sparkling clean as you want it to be.

Sometimes, you will have some stubborn dirt or grime that requires a little extra attention. This may happen because you parked under a tree and were the unfortunate victim of falling contaminants. It may also happen if you live in a colder climate and deal with road salt. Whatever the source of the dirt, the key is to pre wash that area before your start on the full-vehicle wash.

One of the most well-known products for pre washing is P21S Total Auto Wash. This highly effective cleaner should be applied to the affected area and left to sit for a short while before rinsing then proceeding to clean as normal.

Alternatively, you can use almost any all-purpose cleaner for pre washing. The key to an effective pre wash is less the tools you use (as long as you have good-quality cleaning products) and more the technique. Again, make sure to let it dwell for several minutes after the initial application. Then, rinse and proceed with the two-bucket method for cleaning.

Car Washing Tools

If you want to clean your vehicle thoroughly, you will need the right tools. The most important element is having a high-quality soap. Golden Shine Wash & Wax Wash Soap is a great choice. It is intended to be used on vehicles that have previously been waxed. The soap is strong enough to take away dirt but won’t strip the wax. Plus, as the name implies, the soap includes a little auto wax to enhance the shine.

P21S Total Auto Wash is another good choice. Alternatively, the brand also produces a bodywork shampoo.

Whatever your chosen soap, you should make sure to follow the directions for correct dilution. Additionally, purchase a good-quality washing utensil such as a wash mitt. This should be strong enough to scrub away dirt but gentle on your paint job. Consider also getting a telescoping wash brush if you have a tall vehicle with a hard-to-reach roof.

You will also want to get two buckets. One should be filled with your soap solution and one should be filled with clean water for rinsing. The basic process is to get your wash mitt soapy, clean a section of the vehicle then rinse the mitt before getting it soapy again. This prevents you from making your soapy water dirty with grime from the vehicle (thus, preventing you from trying to wash your vehicle with a dirty mitt).

Then, dry your vehicle with a microfiber towel or chamois and you’ll be ready for polishing, waxing and detailing. With a few high-quality car washing tools and a little care, you can get your car or truck looking great.

Best Car Detailing Products

Car detailing is like an enhanced version of cleaning. The name comes from the idea that a detailer is taking care of the small details rather than just cleaning up the exterior.

On the outside of the vehicle, this can include washing, claying, polishing, waxing and other similar processes. You could consider using the Golden Shine Clay Bar Mitt for detailing. This is great for removing tougher dirt such as tree sap and tar. It is easier to use than a traditional clay bar and can make quick work of perfecting your vehicle finish.

One of the best ways to get your vehicle looking as pristine as possible is to polish and wax after you are done cleaning. For waxing, consider the Golden Shine Premium Wax Car Wax. Waxing helps to give a final layer of shine to your vehicle. It also adds as a protectant for your paint underneath. Wax is a temporary coating that forms a barrier against scratches and hazards that would damage your vehicle’s exterior shine.

The detailing process typically also includes cleaning the inside. A vacuum can handle a lot of the major dirt. Ideally, use a shop vacuum with a long hose. You will also want some interior cleaner for helping to get any stains or messes out of the upholstery. Golden Shine Car Interior Cleaner is a good choice for this.

You may also want a dashboard duster to help wipe up any dust and dirt quickly. California Car Duster Microfiber Mini Duster, Car Dashboard Duster is a great choice. Our dusters are well-known for being gentle but effective, and this mini duster is perfect for interiors.

Car Polishers

If you want to get a great washday shine, consider polishing your vehicle. Polishing should typically be the penultimate step of your detailing process. It will eliminate minor imperfections from your paint to leave a deep, glossy finish.

Golden Shine Ultimate Paint Polish is a good choice for auto polishing. You may also want to polish any exposed metal such as your rims. For that, consider using the P21S Metal Polishing Soap.

It is important to remember the less-obvious parts of your vehicle such as the wheels and underside. Cleaning, polishing and protecting those sections will help to keep your car or truck in the best shape possible.

Order Your Car Cleaning Products Today

With the above products and strategies, you can keep your car or truck looking as amazing as possible. The true secret to detailing is taking your time to go through pre washing, washing, detailing and protecting. If you are invested in doing a good job, your vehicle will look great.

Cal Car Cover can help you with all your washing and detailing needs. We have items for all of the steps described above. Additionally, you can find protective products such as car bras and protective film. Of course, as our name implied, we also have everything you need for covering your vehicle when you store it or park outside. Explore our catalog today to take care of your beloved ride.