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Car Capsules Vs. Car Covers: Which Better Suits Your Car Care Needs?

Car Capsules Vs. Car Covers: Which Better Suits Your Car Care Needs?

For lovers of all things fast, classic cars and motorcycles are practically a member of your family. Something that special deserves to be well protected. The solution? Use an inflatable car cover or car storage bubble to keep your prized automobiles safe and secure. What type of protection is right for your lifestyle?

What Are Car Capsules? 


A car capsule is an inflatable storage space that encloses your entire car. Some models include support structures, providing a drive-in display case of sorts. Here are a few possibilities:


  • 360-degree inflatable car cover for complete chassis protection
  • Drive-in showcase enclosure
  • Inflatable car bubble


Not All Covers Are Created Equal 


Universal car covers fit virtually any make and model. Opt for custom satin-and-fleece covers to keep finishes perfect and show off the alluring curves of your luxury sports cars. Polyester and acrylic-coated versions offer all-weather indoor or outdoor protection against snow, rain and UV rays. Always look for covers made by respected manufacturers, since generic models often skimp on protection and can scratch finishes over time.

How To Choose Between Covers and Car Capsules 


Your lifestyle plays a huge part in deciding what’s best for your car’s needs. Are you a car show aficionado with a passion for touring the country with your favorite set of wheels? Then portable protection is important. Here are other factors to consider:


  • Level of protection: Car storage bubbles maximize air circulation and filtration, prevent rust, and take care of dust and fingerprints.
  • Security: Choose a showcase-style car capsule for outdoor storage that usually includes anti-theft measures.
  • Convenience: If you use your vehicle all summer long, the speed and convenience of slip-on covers and drive-in car capsules are huge.


Go With the Best


At California Car Cover Co., we’re as passionate about breathtaking cars as you are. Choose a blow up car cover to make your life easier with unmatched durability, protection and style. Opt for a car storage bubble to preserve your car’s immaculate appearance for ages. Contact us via email or call 1-800-423-5525 for personalized assistance.


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