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How To Protect Your Paint While Towing

How To Protect Your Paint While Towing

For all you car aficionados out there, you will understand that towing your car can be nerveracking sometimes for fear of damaging the paint. Dragging your car behind you is already a bit of a risk simply because other drivers can be unpredictable, but having chipped, nicked, or scratched paint because of rocks, particulates, etc., can ruin, or at least greatly reduce the aesthetic of your vehicle. Not to mention the decrease in value. Bugs, dirt, tar, and tree sap are also an issue for those who are towing their vehicles to shows.


What NOT to Do


Your first instinct might be to try to protect your car with a car cover while towing it, but this is not recommended. Car covers are intended to protect your car while it is stationary, but using a car cover while your toad is traveling can cause the paint to be scratched due to the cover flapping against the car in the wind. Furthermore, the cover itself may be ripped apart or get blown away in a high-wind situation that it wasn't made to handle.


What Other Options You Have


There are devices available to protect your toad from road debris, which include rock guards for your towing vehicle, shields or screens for your towing assembly, and car covers for towed vehicles. They each have their disadvantages, however. Rock guards usually have slits that will let air and smaller pieces of debris through. Towing assembly devices must be taken apart whenever you want to take your tow car for a drive. Fine dust particles can get under a vinyl cover and scratch your paint.


What We Recommend

Rather than a car cover for towing, we recommend Road Wrap Paint Protection Film. This is a transparent wrap that clings to your car like Saran Wrap, and the vehicle can be driven while it is in place. It lasts for up to 7 days, after which it can be easily disposed of.


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