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Product Guide Essentials for Car Care and Maintenance

Product Guide Essentials for Car Care and Maintenance


Few things are as impressive as your vehicle’s colorful finish shining brilliantly. Our custom covers keep classic hot rods, motorcycles, and trucks in mint condition. Did you know that washing your car cover regularly is also essential for protecting an automobile’s surfaces?

Why Washing a Car Cover Matters 


Over time, built-up dirt takes away some of the cover’s water-repellent properties and reduces breathability. Also, though our professional-quality car covers never scratch, accumulated dirt particles might. With a quick cleaning, the cover emerges like new. Here’s how to clean a car cover.

How To Wash a Car Cover in a Washing Machine 


Washing a car cover isn’t complicated. Smaller covers fit in home washing machines, while larger models require a commercial washer.

  1. Measure 1/4 cup Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner.
  2. For front-load washers, first add cleaner, and then place the cover inside before starting the wash cycle.
  3. For upright washers, place the cover inside and wait for the drum to fill. Then add cleaner and begin to wash.
  4. Opt for gentle wash cycles and cold-to-warm water.
  5. Use two rinse cycles.
  6. Let the cover air dry.

How To Clean a Car Cover in the Open


If you prefer a more hands-on washing method, your garage or driveway works just fine. First, turn the cover inside out and slip it over your vehicle. 

  1. Dilute Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner according to bottle instructions.
  2. Spray the solution abundantly over surfaces, or use a sponge.
  3. For heavy soil, let the mixture sit for a minute or two.
  4. Rinse several times to ensure no residue remains.
  5. Let the cover air dry.

Check Specific Car Cover Washing Instructions


At California Car Cover Co., we offer a huge variety of universal and custom-fit car covers to showcase your vehicle’s curves. Contact us online or call 1-800-423-5525 for car cover washing instructions for your specific indoor or outdoor model. We’re always happy to answer your questions with additional expert tips for cleaning a car cover or other aspects of car care.


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