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Car Spring Cleaning Guide: Checklist & Top Products You Need

Car Spring Cleaning Guide: Checklist & Top Products You Need

As the temperatures warm up, you want to get your car out of the garage to take it out for a spin. As the spring season calls you out on the open road, remember that the weather and elements will damage the exterior of your car if you don’t clean it. The mud and grime on your shoes and clothes can get on your interior. If you’re looking for the best cleaning kits for trucks and cars, here’s what you need.

Best Cleaning Products for Car Exterior

The cleaning products you use on your car need to be designed for vehicle use. Choose a car wash soap instead of a dish soap. Yes, the dish soap will clean the grease
off your car, but it could also strip the wax and protectants off the car’s finish. If you wash weekly, go with a soap that is designed for general use. Get micro-fiber cloths and car wash hand mitts to use for washing. Another tool you’ll want is a dedicated bucket for car washing. Choose a bucket that has a grit guard so that when you rinse your mitt or sponge, the dirt separates to the bottom of the bucket and doesn’t scratch your car. For daily cleaning, a California Car Duster wipes off dust and grime without damaging the car’s exterior.

Car Interior Cleaning Products You Need

To detail your interior, you’ll want a good vacuum, trash bags, microfiber cloths and detailing brushes. You’ll want to select cleaning products based on the materials of your interior. You can find interior cleaners for general use, but also for leather seats. Choose an ammonia free glass cleaner to wash your windows. Make sure your glass cleaner won’t strip any tinting or glass coating. A good pair of cleaning gloves protects your hands as you’re using cleaning products.  

Reasons to Invest in Car Cleaning Products

Buying cleaning products designed for your car or truck is a good investment because it helps you protect the value of your car. People are keeping their vehicles longer, up to 11 years or more. Protecting the finish of your car helps it look its best, which lets you make a good impression when you’re on the road. Car cleaning products help you take care of your luxury or vintage vehicle to avoid restoration projects.

How to Know Which Cleaning Materials are Best for Your Car

When you’re buying cleaning materials for your car, look for products that have proven themselves as appropriate for vehicles. Find products that are specific to a car’s paint, trim and interior materials. Read the labels to find the ones that are right for your car. If you do your research, you’ll find products for every part of your car, from a fabric or vinyl convertible top to the tires. Find a large selection of car, truck and semi truck cleaning supplies at Cal Car Cover. We have solutions to help you cruise down the road in a sparkling, shining car that turns heads. If you put in the effort, your car’s appearance will last for years.


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