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Top 10 Custom Car Covers for Summer 2021

Top 10 Custom Car Covers for Summer 2021

As summer 2021 starts gearing up, you need to protect your car from the sun's harsh rays. Whether you're parking your car for the day or leaving it in your driveway for a weeklong vacation, a car cover keeps your interior from getting too hot and fading. Here's your guide to the top 10 custom car covers for this season.

All Weather Outdoor Car Covers

For cars that are exposed to the elements, the Superweave Premium All Weather Custom Car Cover is your best bet. The materials are designed to protect your car from destructive UV rays, and they're also water-resistant. Throw this cover on during pollen seasons, too, since it has a high dust protection rating.

If your area gets lots of hurricanes or tornadoes, you need the Stormweave Plus 5 Layer Custom Car Cover. Cushions inside the cover keep your car safe from flying debris, and its ultraviolet protection factor protects your car from the strongest UV waves.

If you're more concerned about rain and dust damage than UV radiation, choose the Superweave All Weather Outdoor Custom Car Cover. Made of soft fabric, this cover still keeps off water, and it dries quickly at the end of the storm.

The Ultraweave All Weather Outdoor Custom Car Cover is optimized for areas with moderate rainfall and strong UV exposure. The durable cover is covered with a Hydromax coating to increase breathability and prevent water leaks. Its fabric, which you can clean in your regular washer, is available in black, tan, blue, and gray versions.

Best Outdoor Car Covers

The Extremeweave Outdoor Custom Fit Car Cover keeps your car safe no matter how hot or stormy the weather gets. There are no seams, so there are no extra entry points for dust, light, or water. This cover includes a strap for extra security during summer storms.

For desert-dwellers or people who store their cars outside for a long time, the Sunbrella Intense Sun Outdoor Custom Car Cover is the right choice. This acrylic cover keeps off moderate rainstorms, but where it really shines is keeping UV rays from damaging your car. It's available in tan, blue, or gray, so you can coordinate it with your house's exterior.

Indoor Car Covers

If you're storing your car inside and you're worried about dust, the California Customweave Stretch Fit Indoor Custom Car Cover is the way to go. Lined with flannel, this ultra-soft cover stretches to fit your car's shape without scratching your paint job.

If you're looking for a little more outdoor use, try the Plushweave Cotton Flannel Indoor Custom Car Cover. This 100% cotton cover is mostly intended for indoor use, but if you need to park your car outside on a nice weekend, the cover can handle a little water and UV exposure.

For indoor or temporary outdoor dust coverage, choose the Softweave Cotton Indoor Custom Car Cover. This cover is easier to fold than other indoor covers because it does not have a flannel lining, so it's perfect for vacations.

The Satin Fleece Stretch Fit Indoor Custom Car Cover is another popular indoor option. Its fleece lining provides the softest protection for your vehicle, so it's perfect if your car has a delicate paint job or sensitive hood ornaments. The edges have elastic so that dust can't get onto your doors or windshield, and you don't need to fuss with complicated straps or ties. Choose between dark gray, metallic gray, red, black, and blue for the right look.

No matter what kind of car you have, don't delay your car cover purchase so that your vehicle stays in top condition this summer.


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