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Top 10 Motorcycle Covers for Extreme Heat

Top 10 Motorcycle Covers for Extreme Heat

At Cal Car Cover, we frequently receive questions about which cover owners should use to protect their vehicles. A common query is: what is the best outdoor motorcycle cover? In particular, many people want to know how to store their bikes in the heat. The following list should help you to decide.

10) Standard Single Layer Universal Motorcycle Cover

This single-layer cover may not be as fancy as some of the other options on the list, but it can provide admirable sun protection. It is made from a breathable poly-cotton material that offers 100% UV protection.

9) Ready-Fit Scooter Covers

If you ride a scooter, this is the right cover for you. It has a silver urethane panel that reflects heat and stops UV. It features a vent that helps the cover breathe and let heat and fumes escape, an essential characteristic for hot storage.

8) Motorcycle Cover Storage Bag

For longer-term storage, consider this storage bag. It is made from breathable cotton and provides protection from the elements and any scratches. Ideally, this should be used indoors, but can also work outdoors. It is easy to position and tighten using the built-in drawstring.

7) Plushweave Cotton Flannel Motorcycle Covers

If you need to store your bike in a hot garage, this may be the cover for you. It offers paint-pampering luxury while letting heat and moisture escape through the breathable fabric. This cover will keep your bike cooler in high heat settings.

6) Outdoor Bike ShowCase 9' by Car Capsule

This is an excellent option for at-home storage in hot climates. It is not strictly a cover, hurting its overall ranking on the list; however, it provides ample protection from the sun, rain, wind, dirt and more.

5) Speedway Motorsports Instant Motorcycle Shelters

This shelter is similar to the above ShowCase. However, it is quicker to set up. So, you can get plentiful protection from the heat, sun and elements anywhere you go. Again, it isn’t a true cover, but it gets the job done.

4) California Customweave Stretch Fit Indoor Motorcycle Covers with Flannel Lining

This is another indoor heat resistant motorcycle cover. However, it features our Customweave technology. This is an excellent choice for protecting the finish of your paint while also offers breathable heat protection. The stretch fit helps to offer tighter, more effective protection.

3) Cycleweave Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

This motorcycle cover is ready for all weather scenarios. It is made from a silver-color, urethane-coated polyester fabric that shields your bike from UV rays. It also has a built-in heat shield and condensation vent. This cover will help your bike look its best even after hot-weather storage.

2) Superweave All Weather Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

Superweave is Cal Car Cover’s top-of-the-line cover technology. It is treated for UV resistance and keeps pollutants away from your paint. It isn’t affected by high heat (or cold). Superweave is even ready for the washer and dryer, making maintenance easier. There are few covers better than this option.

1) Harley-Davidson Superweave All-Weather Outdoor Covers

Our top choice for a motorcycle cover for extreme heat is a custom-fit version of our Superweave cover. For example, if you have a Harley-Davidson, we have covers perfectly designed to fit them. Better-fitting covers will offer even more protection from the sun, dirt and the elements.

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