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Using a Car Cover in the Rain

Using a Car Cover in the Rain


If you’re thinking about buying a car cover for rain for your vehicle, protecting your car is important to you. But you might not know if the cover is suitable for inclement weather. Is leaving the car cover on in the rainsomething you should be worried about? California Car Cover has the answers you seek.


The Right Car Cover Materials


While many indoor or light car covers offer limited protection from water, they may not stand up to a torrent of rain. To make sure your car is properly protected, we recommend you choose a car cover specifically designed for outdoor use. The materials used in these car covers are made to stand up to rougher weather and give your car the highest degree of protection.


Waterproof Car Covers


If you need a car rain cover, California Car Cover has a variety of cover materials designed specifically to endure rainy conditions, including the following:

Superweave, a light material that provides great rain protection

- Superweave Premium, a heavier material than the Superweave, considered an all-weather material with UV protection as well an enhanced water resistance

- Noah, an aptly named material made with several layers of water-resistant technology to provide the highest protection against rain


All of these options are designed to keep water away from your car’s finish while still allowing it to breathe. With these specifically water-resistant materials, you can leave the car cover on the wet car and know any remaining moisture will still be allowed to evaporate, keeping your finish untouched.


Get Rain Protection for Your Car Today


With around 100,000 precision master patterns, California Car Cover offers custom-fit car covers for a wide variety of vehicle makes and models, including trucks and classic cars. If water damage is a concern for you, contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-423-5525. California Car Cover wants to help you protect your vehicle from the elements.


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