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Winter Car Cleaning Guide: Best Tools, Car Cleaning Kits and Products

Winter Car Cleaning Guide: Best Tools, Car Cleaning Kits and Products

Winter is a tough time for your car. Snow and road salt combine to form slush that can stick to your vehicle and cause excessive corrosion issues. Cold temperatures make it less comfortable to spend time detailing your car’s interior and performing your wash and wax routine. Don’t let the winter blues keep you from caring for your vehicle. Check out these top winter car care products and find out how you can order them all from the same, convenient online store.

Car Detailing Tools

Your paint job, auto glass and upholstery may get all the attention, but the key is in maintaining the fine details of your car. You may think car detailing refers to only cleaning out the interior of your vehicle, but it’s so much more than that. Check out all the quality car detailing tools you can purchase to scrub, polish and protect every inch of your car. Here are just a few common detailing tools you can find online:

  • Polish ball
  • Detailing brush
  • Snow broom
  • Detailing seat
  • Sill and door guards
  • Steamer
  • Polisher
  • Vinyl care products

Once you pick up the must-have detailing tools and products to care for your vehicle this winter, you’ll need a place to store them. Search for organizer totes, shelving and other storage systems to maintain a tidy shop. You can’t care for your vehicle if you can’t find the crucial products you just invested in. An organization system also frees up space in your garage so you can comfortably work around your vehicle and detail it in your garage. This can help you enjoy a comfortable, indoor cleaning routine so you don’t have to brave the elements or attempt to wash your car in low-temperature conditions.

Best Car Cleaning Kits

Get a great deal on your car care products and tools by ordering one of the best car care kits. At California Car Cover, we take cleaning seriously and have a number of convenient kits packed full of great products. Choose a kit to cover one or more of these cleaning routines:

  • Paint correction
  • Polishing
  • Waxing
  • Wheel restoration
  • Washing
  • Dusting
  • Interior cleaning

A kit is an all-in-one option that includes many or all of the tools and products you need. Be confident that your polishing product matches your polisher and polishing pads by buying a full kit from a name-brand car care provider. Similarly, interior detailing, waxing and other processes can use a range of products, so it’s important to be sure your product matches your cleaning tools and your application. Choosing the right kit can save you time and money by packing all the essential items into a single, convenient package.

Car Wash Products

Washing your car in the winter can be tricky, but it’s more important than ever. Don’t let dirt, water spots and road salt stick to your car and cause long-term issues. Continue your cleaning routine through the winter. Try to wash your car every 10 days to keep it looking fresh and protected from contaminants. If your vehicle is parked outside, use caution when washing it. Try to pick a day that’s over 40 degrees and allow for enough sunlight to fully dry your car.

Car washing is much easier and more effective with the right products. From genuine sheepskin mitts to the latest car shampoo formula, you’ll love your car wash choices. Use customer reviews and specifications to help find the best option for your vehicle. Some spray cleaners feature waterless washing, while other innovative options add wax while you wash.

You’ll need a reliable set of tools to properly wash your vehicle. Pick up brushes, towels and other products to gently scrub away dirt and dust. A pressure washer or water deionizer system can help you improve the efficiency of your wash routine. These tools can either cut down on your cleaning time or offer more power as you blast away dirt and grime.

Car Dusters & Jelly Blades

Now that your car care kit is almost complete, there’s a few more items to consider for wintertime and year-round maintenance. Car dusters can be a lifesaver when your car is coated with small amounts of dust or other debris. Choose a duster with a paraffin wax coating to enjoy scratchless dusting. Unlike other brushes, these dynamic dusters are designed to trap grit and smooth away dust. Use it to care for your car in between washes, rather than resort to an entire wash every time your vehicle gets dusty or dirty.

A duster isn’t a replacement for your full wash, wax and polish routine, but it can extend the time between washes. This is particularly important if you’re storing your vehicle in a dusty garage in the winter or storing it outside in the spring, summer and fall. Pollen and falling leaves blowing across your car can be difficult to remove without scratching your paint job, so turn to a duster for convenient cleaning.

Ever feel like you’re sitting around waiting for your car to dry? If you’re tired of waiting, or unsatisfied of the results of wiping your vehicle with a towel, it’s time to try out a Jelly Blade. These handy items work like squeegees to swipe away excess moisture and decrease drying time. Choose Jelly Blades that are suitable for both glass and automotive body panels and start wiping away all that excess water.

Be sure to choose a quality brand and type of blade. California Jelly Blades are capable of removing water spots without scratching or scraping your vehicle, making them a great addition to your car care toolkit.

Enjoy Dependable Car Cleaning This Winter

Take on routine car cleaning tasks this winter thanks to a fully stocked kit. Explore quality items available online and order them all at once for a convenient delivery straight to your home. Don’t let cold temperatures or excess precipitation prevent you from keeping your car protected and looking like new. Winter doesn’t have to be tough on your vehicle. Use quality cleaning products to gain the upper hand on cold weather and precipitation.


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