While on the Road, Protect Your Toad

A toad may be a funny-looking amphibian, but it is also a term for a car that is towed by a larger vehicle, such as a pick-up, SUV, or motorhome. Just as funny-looking amphibians find themselves in danger when they venture onto roadways, so too is your vehicle imperiled when towed by another vehicle.

Camaro ZLE 1LE: What Sets This Apart From Other Models?

The sixth generation of Chevrolet Camaro cars introduced several key design updates from their fifth-generation predecessors. As the latest iteration of these models, the ZL1 1LE Camaro inherits a new platform style along with engine modifications, a revised exterior design and a more comfortable interior loaded with some serious high-tech upgrades. What makes these latest street machines tick and stand apart from their predecessors? Read on to find out what the newest ZL1 1LE brings to the table.

The Long Beach Legend

One of the most recent creations from Hollywood Hot Rods graced the front cover of our July California Car Cover catalog cover. Troy Ladd and the crew at HHR put together a beautiful 1936 Ford Roadste...